Saying Hello To 2020

Hi.  Yes, it has been awhile.  Instead of giving you excuses, I’ll just get right to the post. Happy New Year!  I fell asleep pretty much as the ball dropped so let’s hope that’s not how 2020 is going to go.  I was already a pretty sleepy lady for 2019. Speaking of 2019, I had... Continue Reading →

Passion Chaser

When you are growing up, everyone tells you that you can be whatever you want to be, you can do whatever you dream when you get older. I cannot tell you the amount of dreams I have had for my life by the time I have reached 24 years old. 5 years old: open a... Continue Reading →

Play Ball!

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd… Baseball season is upon us! I prepared for opening day by doing what I do best…by watching my favorite baseball movies. 42, Fever Pitch, Trouble with the Curve, Moneyball, The Rookie, and of course The Sandlot. (Does Signs count?  Yeah, I know,... Continue Reading →

California Dreamin’

I want to move to California. Now, I’ve had this in my head for a while.  It never really started with wanting to be in LA, San Diego, or San Francisco.  I really just want to be near the beach.  And yeah, I know I could do that in LITERALLY any state on the east... Continue Reading →

Through the Eyes of Scoobs-Skye

I got a cousin.  She’s kind of nuts, not gonna lie.  She doesn’t really leave me alone and sits on top of me, which is kind of rude.  She isn’t sneaky either.  She thinks if she stands really still, I can’t see her.  Like that big dinosaur in that movie that my mom likes so... Continue Reading →

Bengal? Like the Tiger, Right?

My mom and I were watching Invincible, the Vince Papale story, played by Mark Wahlberg, of how he became a Philadelphia Eagle.  While he’s the main character of the movie, I think Janet is the one I always look forward to.  Main reason?  I can hear the same questions she gets throughout the movie shooting... Continue Reading →

The Tale of the Broken Toe

  It has been 12 months and 8 days since my dog broke her toe falling up the stairs.  She got her coordination from watching me I guess. It has been 11 months since her toe was amputated. Bet you weren’t expecting that, huh?  Neither was I.  I initially took her to a 24/7 emergency... Continue Reading →

37 minutes and 9 seconds

That’s all it took for me to love Peter “whoa whoa whoa” Kavinsky. (Now if you are a relative reading this…Peter is a fictional character.  Sadly.) (Also, yes, it’s the spin from the back pocket…which I guess means I love Noah Centineo too since he improvised that). If you have not seen this movie and/or... Continue Reading →

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