Where do I begin?

Do I start off the back with posting about my dog?  Do I rant about a movie or try and wax poetics about…something.  (I’m not much of a poetry person.)  Or do I talk about the one little factor that finally pushed me to creating my blog.  My very first blog?


Lets go with the last option of sharing part of my life story!

There’s no super tragic past, I wasn’t dubbed a slut of the school and I didn’t decide to wear a scarlet A on my chest, my dad didn’t loose me in the ocean and I didn’t get trapped in an aquarium in a dentist’s office, I didn’t wake up to find out I was 70 years in the future and my best friend turned into a brain-washed assassin, Lord Voldemort didn’t kill my parents…

So my life is pretty normal.  (If you got all of those references, we will be great friends.)

We’ll talk about my start in reading!

The very first book I read and actually understood was Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber.  I was still reading I Can Read books in third grade.  I could read, but nothing stuck from the stories.  I don’t know if I just found everything boring or I didn’t get it or whatever but that series was the first series I fell in love with.

This began the vampire stage.  Which was right on time with Twilight.  (I loved it back then, now realize all the issues with it.  Not gonna lie, I still watch it sometimes…guilty pleasure and everything.)  My grandpa still asks me about those vampire books I’m always reading, haven’t picked one up since I finished Breaking Dawn.

Anyway, I didn’t start reading Harry Potter when everyone else did.  In fact, I had to watch the first couple movies before I started reading them (*face palm*).  I still haven’t read Deathly Hallows…I know whats going to happen but I don’t think I can read all of those death scenes and not break down every time.

My start in writing was really…awful honestly.  The women were weak, always waiting for that knight in shining armor, sometimes literally.  The men were always richer, better looking, more interesting, stronger.

After watching Marvel movies, boyyyyyyy has that changed.

I create bad asses that breaks down all of the stereotypes.  Women that figured out their own escape before the men wake up in the morning.  Women that use their “frail bodies and minds” as a way to get information, infiltrate drug rings, and take down the head in command without asking for assistance.

I’m still trying to find that happy medium.

For now, I’ll just continue to quote famous movies and snuggle with my dog.

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