Higher, Further, Faster Baby (Spoilers for Captain Marvel)

I took myself on a movie date last Sunday.  I got there, ordered my food, and enjoyed the heck out of Captain Marvel.  I cried during Marvel’s nod to Stan Lee, internally cheered my heart out to Carol (human and hero) getting up, time after time, and beating the heck out of her enemies (also, “Just A Girl” By No Doubt fight scene? Iconic), and her clip into Avengers: Endgame made me nervous and excited.




Captain Marvel may have been one of my favorite origin stories that Marvel has put out.  If you think about it, it’s kind of an origin story for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).  It explained a lot of the back ground on Fury (I will never refer to him as Nick Fury again) and Colson.  It provided the background for the tesseract and of one of the most bad ass females to grace the big screen.

And GOOSE.  Goose was the most adorable Flerkin I have ever seen.  I’d like to think Fury would agree.

But really, I think one of the interesting parts of this movie was the fact that there was NO ROMANTIC SUBPLOT.  There was no oh goodness I just love my superior or the evil guy is the love of my life, I just can’t kill him.  Carol “higher, further, faster baby” Danvers kicks ass and takes names (I wanted to write kicks names, take ass so bad).  If you really want to look into it, as Brie Larson said herself, the great love of the movie is with Carol, Maria, and Monica (Maria’s daughter).

Carol’s final fight with her mentor, I was extremely prepared for the fight to follow the beat the mentor and you are officially the best and she just blasted him, ending it with “I have nothing to prove to you.” THANK GOD!  Honestly, those battles are so overdone and I have always wanted that to happen, just to end it without giving the bad guy their last opportunity to win and Carol went with it.

Marvel has done such a good job at showing such naturally flowing relationships (other than Natasha and Bruce…but I have a theory on that) and this movie did not disappoint.  Captain Marvel showcased strong, independent female characters that I will be happy that my future niece will get to grow up viewing.  Marvel has been writing these strong female characters since the beginning of the MCU.  Pepper Potts was Tony Stark’s assistant but obviously able to take care of the company, Okoye (Black Panther) was presented with her love and asked if she would kill him and she fired back with “For Wakanda? Without Question.”  Peggy Carter has one of the best quotes in her own tv show, Agent Carter: “I know my value; anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.” This is just the first time, other than Agent Carter, that the female gets to be in the front of action, not beside or behind the man.


Anyway, it has taken a lot out of me not to go see it again.  And again.




(photo from https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/992848/Captain-Marvel-release-next-marvel-movie-Avengers-4-release-date-uk-usa)

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