Through the Eyes of Scoobs (Hocking Hills)

A couple weekends ago, my mom and her family took me on this long car drive to what my mom called Hocking Hills.  When we got there, my mom put my leash on this post and started unpacking the car.  It made me nervous, of course, cause while I like the outside, I am not, what my mom calls, an “outdoor dog”.  I like my couches, blankets, and heaters.  Anyway, once they got all the bags and stuff out of the car, my mom finally brought me inside and let me loose.  My mom showed me what was our room and it was so cool.  I got to lay on the bed and still see the downstairs.  My mom said it was a loft, my nana and g-pops said I was “Princess Scooby” for the weekend.  We went on a long walk and about halfway through, I found a baby snake. Nana said it was dead but Mom said not to sniff it any more.  When we got back, that’s when chaos broke out.

Skye was there.

Don’t get me wrong, I was kind of excited to share that giant space with her but she was A LOT, barreling into the house and then bouncing on top of me.  I had just been on a walk, all I wanted was sleep.  Thankfully, my aunt and uncle decided to take her on a walk while I had some alone time on the porch.  I could still hear them all talking but the wind was blowing and the sun was shining so I was happy.

The next day, everyone kept making fun of me for my snoring while I napped on the couch but I was conserving my energy.  They were all bouncy so I knew we were doing something big, which I found out I was right about when we got out of the car and I was hit with SO many smells.  People, dogs, squirrels, water, trees, more dogs, etc.  When we walked past the group of people, we got to a weird area where I could feel the ground but it wasn’t grass or dirt but this hard, weird, mis-shaped surface my mom said is like a big rock.  We walked on this rock path for a while, Nana and G-Pops scared me by climbing into small holes and coming out on the other side, Skye actually voiced her concerns while I just waited by Mom.

My mom said I am not good at sharing a walk way cause I turn around whenever someone walks past us so I block their path but really, I just want to make sure they know to pet me while they pass.  I’m just giving them a break honestly.

I have also learned my true breed mix.

I am part “mountain goat”.  I’m not sure what this means but I got to climb on cool, new surfaces, and my mom would yell, “stop mountain goat-ing”.  She said I made her nervous.  I just like being high up, I get to see more and sniff more, but there also is not near as many smells of other dogs where I jump up to compared to the ground that my mom walks on.

We took a break for lunch and I got to share puppy cookies with Skye and eat some of my mom’s chicken salad.  I love chicken, but pizza is much better.

We took a break in the cars, I tried to take a nap but there were so many cars passing by, I wanted to make sure my mom was ok so I stayed awake.  We went back out and took a different path but the same rock feel was under my paws.  After a while, we stopped at a “creek”, my mom said, which is just lots of water on top of little rocks.  I’m not the fondest of water but with the long walk, the cool water felt nice on my paws.  Skye thought it was super cool and made splashes in the big pool of water, my mom tried to get me to go over to see but I knew it got deep so I preferred not to go.

After a while of walking back and forth in the water, Mom finally said it was time to go.  We finally got back to the car after meeting the cutest little white puppy, who was very excited to go on this walk with their person but I bet they did not make it far.  The parent was very tall and the puppy had such small legs.

We drove back to the house with the cool bedroom and while my mom, aunt, and uncle took turns taking showers, Skye and I slept outside on the porch with G-Pops and Nana.  When my mom came outside, she sat down in a chair and I could barely lift my head to acknowledge her, let alone walk over and snuggle.  Skye had another idea though.  She crawled over where I was on the mat in front of the door and laid down next to me.  I was too tired to care as her paw scooted under my tummy.  Then her paw moved on top of my leg.  Then I rolled over and laid on my side, hoping she’d get the picture to scoot over.  Instead, she laid her head down on her paws and pushed her head against me.

I let her do it for a little and then scooted over an inch, I was too tired for snuggling.

After a while, G-pops started a fire and we moved over to new chairs to sit at.  My aunt tied Skye and I to the porch but I could still sit next to my mom so I didn’t care.  I got a couple white, fluffy things my mom calls marshmallows but no turkey hot dogs.  I always get turkey hot dogs but not this time, which I was upset about.  I was too tired to really show that I was upset but I think my signature puppy eyes voiced it enough to my mom.

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