Saying Hello To 2020

Hi.  Yes, it has been awhile.  Instead of giving you excuses, I’ll just get right to the post.

Happy New Year!  I fell asleep pretty much as the ball dropped so let’s hope that’s not how 2020 is going to go.  I was already a pretty sleepy lady for 2019.

Speaking of 2019, I had a couple cool things happen.

  • I have a niece!

A human one!  She laughs a lot and loves her big sister, Baby Skye (aka Scooby’s fur cousin).  Scooby likes to give her a drive by kiss to the back of the head.  She’s still a little nervous around her.

  • I also acquired a writing internship.

It’s been pretty cool, I’ve learned a lot and learned how to time manage with working at the bakery and online as an article writer and editor.

  • I went on my first vacation without my family.

It was fun and nice to realize that I can do things on my own.  I can navigate an airport, find my condo, and plan out all activities without my parents helping.

  • I also signed up to RUN my second half marathon.


Which brings us to 2020

  • Actually run the half marathon.

May 3rd at 6:30 am I will be crossing the start line to the Flying Pig Half Marathon.  I will make it to the finish line too, just an undetermined amount of time later that day.

Haven’t decided what I am going to wear but probably something Marvel related because I can’t help myself.

  • Learn how to change a diaper.

I have been told I am not allowed to watch my niece alone without changing a diaper.  And she’s going to be in those for a while…so I probably need to learn.

  • Really figure out if I’m going to open a bakery.

I enjoy it a lot and have looked into renting out a kitchen in order to make cupcakes and cakes that I can sell but that’s a big commitment.  A lot of money and time would be going into it along with figuring out health insurance and would I get a vacation and…a lot of thoughts.

  • Take a realistic look at eating healthy.

I take a 15-minute break at work to eat lunch.  I cannot take a giant salad to fill myself up with.  Also, I have got to stop planning large meals when I know I will be exhausted from work.


Just stop it!  Just…stop it! (Do you feel like Shia Labeouf is yelling “just do it” cause that was the goal).


I also want to start fitting in a day trip once a month with Scooby, maybe even with a second dog if I can convince my parents to let me foster (I’m trying).  She loves to go on trips and nap in new, fancy places.  Also, letting random people shower her with love is probably one of her favorite things…aside from squeaky toys.


Thank you for reading and sticking with me through my long break.  Scooby and I will definitely be getting back to this blog and updating you on what’s new with Miss Scoobs.

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