37 minutes and 9 seconds

That’s all it took for me to love Peter “whoa whoa whoa” Kavinsky. (Now if you are a relative reading this…Peter is a fictional character.  Sadly.) (Also, yes, it’s the spin from the back pocket…which I guess means I love Noah Centineo too since he improvised that). If you have not seen this movie and/or... Continue Reading →

Four legged creatures in my life

I have had dogs all my life.  A complete mutt named Taz, a beagle mix named Bandit (14 years old now), a chocolate lab named Rowdy, and now a lab/whippet mix named Scooby. All of these dogs had something different to them. Taz whipped around the house after he was groomed.  He always left the... Continue Reading →

Where do I begin?

Do I start off the back with posting about my dog?  Do I rant about a movie or try and wax poetics about...something.  (I'm not much of a poetry person.)  Or do I talk about the one little factor that finally pushed me to creating my blog.  My very first blog? NAH Lets go with the... Continue Reading →

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