learn about me

I’m your average, everyday person.

I drink my water from a dinosaur cup, dream of taking care of a niffler and living in Universal Studios.  I put on my Agents of Shield jacket one arm at a time.

Random facts about me,

  • I have one sister, one fur brother, a brother in-law, and a fur kid.
  • I have seen Jurassic Park more times than I can count
  • I have two tattoos (Jurassic Park quote is one of them)
  • Shark movies are my weakness
  • So are cheesy Christmas movies
  • PROUD HUFFLEPUFF (Seriously, who wouldn’t be? Tonks is enough of a reason!)
  • My hair is always changing colors

I currently have a zombie apocalypse book in the making and a woman mafia boss script completed (in college) that are kind of my pride and joy.

I worry about anything and everything, things that aren’t even my responsibility (drive safe kids) but I guess that’s just part of being human.

I’m helping Scooby start her own blog so I figured why not sign us both up on the same account?  Two birds with one stone or something like that, right?

Have a wonderful day!

My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.–Newt Scamander

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