37 minutes and 9 seconds

That’s all it took for me to love Peter “whoa whoa whoa” Kavinsky.

(Now if you are a relative reading this…Peter is a fictional character.  Sadly.)

(Also, yes, it’s the spin from the back pocket…which I guess means I love Noah Centineo too since he improvised that).

If you have not seen this movie and/or read these books, DO IT.

They are the best kind of cheesy, good natured, loving moments that make you wanna curl in a ball and squeal because its too damn cute!  In total, it took me 6 days to watch the movie, find the books, and finish them all.

1 hour, 39 minutes, 51 seconds + a total of 1,032 pages read in 5 days.  I watched the movie on Monday night and ran out to get the books Tuesday morning.


I think my favorite book out of all three had to be the final one, Always and Forever.  The amount of nerd Kavinsky is in order to keep up with Lara Jean is amazing.  He read all seven books of Harry Potter.  He asked Kitty to show him how to braid Lara Jean’s hair.  HE SPRAYED HIS HAIR BLONDE BECAUSE HE KNOWS HOW IMPORTANT IT WAS FOR LARA JEAN.


He shined in the last book which made the Covinsky relationship settle like a warm blanket around my heart.  This is honestly one of the first times that I have truly believed a book series ended well.

Not saying I wouldn’t buy another book if she wanted to write more.

Seriously, Jenny Han…I will read about them sitting in their house watching a movie with Kitty and Jamie Fox-Pickle and the perfect chocolate chip cookie in the oven waiting to come out.

I’m hoping that if (WHEN) they make the second movie, they add in some of the stuff from the books that they missed from the movie.  Like Jamie Fox-Pickle, Trina, how the hot tub video really got solved, the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, MORE OF PETER’S FAMILY ISSUES (because as amazing as he is, he is not perfect), STORMY, all the baking, and I really hope Peter’s dorky jock personality really shines.

Wouldn’t it be really freaking cute if in their last contact in the movies, Lara Jean ended hers with “You gonna break my heart, Kavinsky?”

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