Passion Chaser

When you are growing up, everyone tells you that you can be whatever you want to be, you can do whatever you dream when you get older.

I cannot tell you the amount of dreams I have had for my life by the time I have reached 24 years old.

5 years old: open a doggie day care/bakery/living space (One half of the warehouse was a doggie daycare, the other half a bakery, and the floor above would be my house with my eight dogs)

10 years old: singer/song writer/actress (yes, I was totally a triple treat when I was younger)

12 years old: Pro-Women’s Lacrosse player (which was not a thing back then but now is)

15 years old: back to singer/actress (have I mentioned anyone outside of my choir has NOT heard me sing?  But I was gonna be a professional)

18 years old: Zoo keeper (and then I was scared of Chemistry classes.  I’m so mad at myself for this)

20 years old: Author or Script writer (still ongoing)

24 years old: Marine Biologist? (have to go back to school) Zoo Keeper? (still have to go back to school) Author? (concentration is a fleeting memory) Scuba Diving Instructor? (Don’t have my license in the first place) screw it all and move to a beach and become a bartender? (Tempting…tempting)

I’ve looked a couple times into going back for a Zoology, Biology, or Marine Biology degree—keep in mind, I have only been out of school for two years.  The cons (money out vs money earned, time wasted, no guarantee for a job in the field, extremely difficult to get a job, time away from Scooby if I did get a job) outweigh the possible pros (learn about marine life, possibility of working with sharks/dolphins/sea turtles, working with the ocean).

This would also make me give up my dream of owning a bakery (as I am already working as a baker) because, well, I don’t think a lot of those researcher boats on the ocean have a good oven.

C.S. Lewis said; “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” so by that logic, the only thing holding me back is my own doubt in myself.

Maybe I should get my scuba diving license, see if I really want to spend a career out in the open water.  Maybe I’ll add a monthly post on here educating about marine species and that will give me my fill.  Also keep my mind working and absorbing as much random information about the ocean as I can handle.

I mean, if shark week could be on every week, I would be a happy lady.

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